The Flamenco Shows That You Can See in Barcelona

If you ever happen to see flamenco-shows in Barcelona then you will agree that nothing is more passionate than any night show of flamenco. The thriving economy due to tourists in Barcelona brings the best dancers of flamenco from various parts of the world. Let us know more about this Spanish night show.  

Basic history of flamenco

Flamenco was actually born in the region of Extremadura, Andalusia and Murcia which is in the southern part of Spain, during 18th century. This dance evolved among the gypsy population who were living in Spain during those days. There is no exact evidence available to point out exactly what is the place and time of its origin.

In order to create flamenco-dance the artist must be able to fuse cante, which is a song, baile form of dance and music called toque. In this show the vocal component will be any man or woman who will express the feeling of joy, fear, tragedy, sadness, regret with the help of the lyrics and expression.

The dancers will spread passion and courtship by using number of complex steps, which may vary between men or women. Men will usually tend to be much heavier on their steps while women will be producing more sensual and calculated movements. Originally the whole show was displayed with the help of guitar playing in many different styles and now it has become a vital component of any good performance.

UNESCO has put this flamenco dance in the representative list of “Intangible-Cultural-Heritage-of-Humanity” on November 2010. Today in Barcelona, flamenco is evolving through many different interpretations and few artists have reached the status of celebrities.

Nowadays flamenco in Barcelona is evolving through various understandings and few artists have in fact become real celebrities. You can also find few of them on YouTube and start looking for the performances of the guitarist called Paco-de-Lucia or a singer called Camarón-de-la-Isla.

Where you can see the best flamenco show in Barcelona

Flamenco e Ole is a show that you should never miss if you ever visit Barcelona. Even if you ask local people, most of them will recommend you this show.

Usually, they start the show with a pre-show where the guests will be invited to get “Flamenco Experience” with the help of a video show. They tell you about the origin of flamenco and also about the performers.

Then the flamenco artists will enter the room to say few more things about this dance and music technicalities with the help of few dance steps.

When the real show begins, you will not be able to hold yourself as the rhythm is just fabulous. You should not worry as you will not be alone in this madness, you will find people all around you are also giving you good company. You must just let yourself flow with the crowd and enjoy the moment!

Food and drinks

You will also be served dinner during the intermission where they will serve you several exotic dishes that includes courses of fish and meat. Vegetarian foods are also available that includes gambas-al-ajillo, solomillo-con-fois-gras and salmon-al-lime. The meal also includes water and wine for every 2 diners. The quality of wine will be really good.

After dinner, the show starts again. This time, about 6 musicians will take their seat in the background and start playing for the dancers. The dance show will continue for an hour where dancers will come and go with their fantastic dresses and light shows.

You may also visit the website for further info about such shows.