Types of Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are divided into different types such as Drill Drivers, Impact Drivers, Cordless Hammer Drills, and Cordless Screwdrivers:

Hammer Drills – this is one of the most effective types of drilling tools that each homeowner should have. This type of drill can be changed into a hammer drill by merely flipping the switch. This allows you to drill holes in any material, such as bricks, concrete or other metal. It looks exactly like a simple drilling machine that does not have a hammer, but the price is a bit high compared to the simpler one.

Cordless Drill Drivers – considered one of the most effective, you must have drilling equipment. They are known for their high performance and excellent features, such as their extraordinary compact size. Since they are available with a torque coupling, a wide range of applications is possible with this machine. Equipment dimensions have become very small and powerful thanks to an innovative design and a powerful battery

Cordless Impact Driver – this is an excellent multi-screwdriver. The presence of this useful device has dramatically influenced the speed of construction. But they are not designed to remove the nuts and screws and must not interchange with the new impact driver.

These drill driver or high-speed screwdrivers can easily screw even the most extended screw very easy. This is best if you want to use them for sheet metal, such as placing metal roofs and metal coatings. These impact drivers are excellent in combination with drill drivers, as they significantly speed up the things to a great extent.

Cordless Screwdriver – tiny and compact, easily fit into your pocket and can be transported very easily. They usually weigh about one pound or even less. The head of the equipment is flexible, allowing it to work even in compact spaces.

This type of equipment is more suitable for relatively easy tasks. Finding the most suitable and convenient cordless drill is a bit difficult, and you need some hints to see the best. This equipment must be selected according to the needs and applications where it is used.

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