The Ultimate Guide for Real Estate SEO in 2019

Do you want to attract potential customers in real estate? Forget traffic and start measuring your effectiveness by converting customers. The first and foremost obsession of many brands is traffic. Get visits at all costs. However, we always ask ourselves, what’s the use of traffic if we do not do anything with it afterwards?

How to get quality Real Estate SEO traffic in 2019?

Before starting with a Real Estate SEO strategy, it is essential to know the need of our potential client. This will help us establish what kind of information we are going to show you at each moment. It is essential, in addition, to know some details that define you.  Here are our tips to improve SEO positioning on the Internet, specially indicated for real estate websites.

  1. Search the keywords

One of the most important steps to achieve a positive SEO positioning is the use of keywords. The selection of them is undoubtedly essential to promote the web portal of real estate companies. Often words and word combinations are used that simply create phrases that are too general and that are rarely segmented.

The use of keywords is fundamental in Real Estate SEO. You must use keywords that adapt to your portal and how users search. To achieve success, it is recommended to use the Google Keywords tool, which allows you to be aware of which keywords are most used by users of the Internet when they want to search on a particular topic. It is just as in the same way it shows what the phrases or words chosen by the other companies that are dedicated to the same sector have been.

  1. Create powerful phrases

To be able to use words that are genuinely key within that portal, it is necessary that the person in charge of the topic think as a user, that is, create phrases that are generally used when doing any research in Google. For example, if someone wishes to acquire a residential property in Los Angeles, they will write houses in Los Angeles, buy a home in Los Angeles or real estate offers in Los Angeles. That is why the analysis is essential to achieve combinations of words that are appropriate.

As for the results, we obtain after evaluating the Google Keywords tool. We can also add that these words can be ordered in terms of the volume of searches and in this way, we will know which combinations were most used by Internet users.

  1. Be as specific as much as possible.

In addition to being aware of which have been the most used, it is equally convenient to add segmented and specific combinations, which will be able to obtain inquiries from more experienced or more mature stakeholders. Such as the case mentioned above, that is why it is necessary to be as specific as possible. Since if our keywords are very generic, such as buying a house, they will not be very successful. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of places on the planet where a property can be acquired; it is necessary to emphasize which specific site is intended. It is not the same as the phrase is; flats for sale that “apartments for sale in Los Angeles “. The more concise and specific you are, the better the results, the real estate SEO on your website will have better effects since the site as such will receive a higher number of visits.

  1. Effective use of titles

After you have detected which keywords will be adapted to the company and that they have been focused and also segmented, both at the level of your client and yours, maybe it is then the right moment to add them to the titles. Many people ask themselves: what titles? Because of those, you have decided to use for your blog articles and those you will use for the different pages or categories of the portal, from the home page, through the service, contact and of course those of properties for sale.

There is a significant point to highlight if the key phrases that you use most in your content have a faithful reflection in the titles that you use for your articles. That is, if the key phrases you are going to use in a real estate article, is related to the title of the same, your portal could then have a better Real Estate SEO positioning.

  1. You must include internal links.

Each time you create new content and that, in turn, is related to other pages or articles that have already been published on your web portal, it is essential that you link them through links. Since all information that has been linked correctly will increase the chances of the search engines reasoning that the content of the said portal is relevant. It is recommended that at least two of the links that are made should go to an internal address.

Never forget to link your articles with the categories or sections of your portal and with other articles that are related. It will be important that the links, not only because the client will want to know the reasons and reasons why it is beneficial to perform their investments, but also because it will help your SEO positioning to be more effective.

  1. You must create relevant content.

This is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors that must be taken into account when wanting to position a real estate portal effectively. We want to emphasize it, not only because in some cases it can be complicated, but also because it requires time, dedication, and of course, effort. It is not about publishing articles disproportionately, every several weeks or merely doing so since it will not have the desired results.

Plan monthly the topics that will be addressed through the articles, which should be striking and relevant. In the same way, we can say that practically the only way to generate traffic firmly is to create the habit of publishing information if possible daily. If users realize that periodically your website uploads information that is of interest that contributes data that inform and that generate help and advice to potential buyers because we are sure that you will receive a significant number of visits.

  1. Use related images

It is necessary to take full advantage of all the functions and options offered by web portals, which nowadays allow us to load not only text but also images, videos, infographics, 3D infographics and much more. More, so if you only use version, users may feel that your website is unattractive.